Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting is a catastrophe

pak cik,, when will u bring me to the kotaraya
to learn parking the car
and driving through the hill??
i dah bosan menunggu...
asik2 naik kreta kat jalan raya..
i think i can control the car on the road(?) or highway(?)..
i mean jalan raya la..
but i am way too weak on controlling that f***king clucth..
i really do hate the clutch..well,,it's manual..not the auto one..
the pak cik always tegur me..
and i feel ashamed..
sometimes i do feel like i'm giving up...
wanna stop belajar memandu...

but i'm raring to go to the kotaraya..
i miss kotaraya..
it's been a long time not going there since
i passed getting the P license for motorcycle...

[sigh..sigh..and sigh]

i just have to wait till
that pak cik tell me when
he's gonna bring me to the kotaraya...

huhh..waiting is torturing...

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