Monday, April 27, 2009

 kalah bermaruah..

25/4/09 final FA cup MAS
kelantan vs. selangor..
the red warriors vs. red giants!!!

i hate everyone in my larhh..
i deadly wanted to go to the stadium nasional bukit jalil to watch the match!!!
but why??? why weyh?? why ak xleh gi??
is it becoz of i'm a girl?? girl bleh minat bola wat??

i love soccer!! especially when it comes to liverpool n brazil...[dont say anythin!!]

my dad bought 6 tickets..
actually he didnt even buy them..
his friend from KL gave them to him..hahahaha..

ehmmm..there are 7 members in my family..
my dad firstly decided only men could go...

it's not fair!!!!!
i said that i wanted to go...
and my bro offered me the ticket..

my bro : nk gi ke??

me : nk..nk..

my bro : ayh, ena nk gi..

dad : nk gi ke?? bleh ah..

i got a green light from my dad..
then i asked my mom to go
so that i have at least someone to accompany me since i am a girl..
but my mom refused to go...she didnt wanna miss any classes since she's a teacher..

no!!! my dad then didnt permit me to go..

dad : na xyah gi la..mama x gi..
me : :( [arghhhh!!!!]

btw,, my bro had bought 4 jerseys.. kelantan punya la!!!

the atmosphere before the match started

my bros and my dad's friend(kanan)..why are my bros very tall hah??
sorry i cant beat u all..i surrender...
my dad's friend looks small..hahaha..

the point is kelantan kalah bermaruah..
do i need to mention once again that i'm a kelantanese??
so paham2 la ak sokong team mana..
ala,,selangor menang pn becoz of penalty...
klu x,, 1-1 jer larhh...
thnx to the cutest ezrie that he managed to jaringkan gol..
but i'm a bit disappointed with indra putera..huh...
org harapan kelntan...but that's ok..
tahun depan ada lagi...

fav player:
23 - indra
(?) - khalid jamlus
8 - ezrie
10 - farhan
22 - shahrizan
27 - zamri
(?) - piya (kapten)

go go red warriors!!!

gomo klate gomo!!

nami ketua's quote:

"our SMILING referee. btape saket nye aty ak ble abg ni x tiup wisel tme player slangor men kasar a.k.a mnjatuhkn player kte! SO MANY TIMES OKAY. sdgkn kelantan, dh 4 org players dpt kad kuning. agak bengong. seriously! & yg x disengajakn pn dia kire jgk."

i totally agree with you nami!!!! yeah!!!

dont bother my english!!
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Friday, April 17, 2009


the result for the intake to matriculation colleges has come out today..
i checked the result(?) via sms..
early in the morning..
and guess what??
i got accepted to further my study to a matriculation college
which is in negeri sembilan...
the most i like about it is my friends nesya,,mijah,,and aisah also
got accepted to go to the matriculation college in negeri sembilan!!

but the thing is,,
i am in dilemma..
i want to go or i dont want to go??
going or not going hah??
coz,, many people say when we go to the matriculation college,,
we really have to struggle...
no!!!!!! i hate books!!!!!

dont bother my english!!
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

 what to do..

after having our lunch at the marry brown,,
syera sent us home...
she sent nesya to her house but faten n wahida to my house..
then i would have to send wahida to her house which was near to my house..

at the night,,
my dad asked me..

dad : na,, gi jupo pkcik tadi?? wi pitih ko dy??
me : wi..
me : yah,, tadi pkcik tanyo ore bowok dh ko keto..ore pn oyak dok lagi sbb ayh x arap lagi..pah dy oyak dy nk ngajar smula..
dad : dy oyk nk ngaja smula??
me : emmm...
me : gano ayh?? nk suh ore blaja smula ko?? ore xpo blako..
dad : xpo lah..blaja smula la..bljar la bleh skali dua lagi..
dad : suh pkcik wat gi jaley kat jln pasir mas..
me : ayh oyak la..
dad : bakpo nyo?? awok la oyak..telepon dy..
me : [?????]

do i have to??

but today (16/4/09)
i asked for my friends help..i mean advice..
they said..its up to me whether i wanted to learn with pakcik again..
and faten said if i felt like i couldnt drive a car,, i had to call the pkcik..
and agreed that i wanted to learn driving the car again with him..

i took time to make a decision..
coz i was afraid that i would burden pkcik to come again to my house just to teach me drivng..
and i was also afraid..coz my dad had asked me to call the pkcik...
but not to be forgotten i am a
P holder... not an L holder anymore..

then i made my mind that i would call the pkcik...
but i didnt know what to say..
faten kindly prepared a script for me about what did i have to tell the pkcik when i called him..

i tried to call pkcik..but he didnt answer me..
then faten tried to call him....
faten then chaotically gave me the phone..
at last pkcik answered the call..

i told him that i agreed to learn driving the car on the road with him..
then he said : xpo..xpo..xpo..xpo..buleh..
me : xpo ko pkcik x nyusoh ko??
pkcik : aih,, x nyusoh eh...

he'll be teaching me driving the car next week..
huh..what to do...


Today once again i went to the kotaraya..
i went just to accompany my friends who were wahida n faten..
they were having the JPJ test today...
today was a rainy day..huh...
it's quite hard for the learners(?) to drive the cars today..
i could see many of them got failed...huhu...
just because of the 'bukit'!!!!!!
all of their cars slid down backwards...huh...
but it's unfortunate for them who were given the bad-old-perodua-kancil(s)..
hard to manage..
some of them were complaining about the problem of the cars which was the bad hand break and clutch..

anyway,, i was asked by my dad to meet my pakcik who is my driving instructor
to give him money..which as a token of thank you(?) for teaching me driving the car..
then we had a conversation..haha..

me : pkcik,, mama kirim kek ko pkcik sbg tnda timo kasih
pkcik : heh?? oloh nyusoh jah..
me : x nyusoh eh..mari la amik kek kat keto...
pkcik : [tersengih-sengih]
me : mari la pkcik turut ena..
pkcik : na bowok keto sdiri ko??
me : hehe..dok eh.. sain bowok...
pkcik : ai,, x aci na...
me : buke pkcik,, ayh x wi la ena bowok..dio x arap lagi..
pkcik : ai xleh na...lepas blaja keno bowok lalu...takot x ingat..
me : tu la pkcik...lamo x bowok keto..rindu sero nk bowok viva...
pkcik : [menyelup poket seluarnya]
pkcik : hoh..ambik na nk bowok viva na..[smbil mnghulurkan kunci kereta viva]
me : [ak dgn sedap2 nya mengajak nesya]
me : mari nesya kito naik duo..kito gi main kot jln test nk??
pkcik : na,, klu nk naik keto viva ni,, na keno naik sore jah..sbb keto ni ado sticker L...
me : heh?? gitu plok..xpo la pkcik..bia lah..
pkcik : ayh x arap dih??
me : tu la pkcik..ayh x arap... dio x wi naik keto..huhu..
pkcik : klu ayh x arap gak,, pkcik ajar smula la??
me : heh??
pkcik : dok..klu ayh x arap gak, mari pkcik ajar smula la..
me : ajar smula?? [a.g.a.i.n??]...[i am officially a P holder!!! no need to blajar ngan pkcik lagi la..huhu]
pkcik : na oyak ko pkcik deh klu ayah x arap lagi...pkcik nk ajar smula..
me : oh..nati la deh..tengok dulu..

then,, we sampai kat kereta kawan jazz..
and i gave him the cake..he thanked me and went away..he went to the office of the kotaraya..

me,, syera,, nesya n wahida were waiting for faten while she was having the test..
btw,, wahida had done hers..and she passed the diriving test and she'll become a P holder
like me,,nesya and xera...
we were hanging out at the canteen of the kotaraya..
discussing bout the 5Damai gathering at a resort..yeyy!!! picnic!!!

while discussing,, we were waiting for faten's turn to drive the car..
she was given the car numbered 39...
but unluckily,, when she was doing the 'bukit',,
huh..hard to say..her car slid down backwards
but she was trying to do the 2nd chance...
but she was stopped by the jpj testers..

faten had raised up her hand before she tried to do the second chance..but it's wrong..
if we want to do the second chance,, we have to make sure that we havent raised up our hand to the JPJ testers..coz it means we had done doing the bukit..

JPJ tester : awok klu nk wat hk kali kedua awk xleh akat tangan lagi sebelum tu..
faten : yo ko?? x tau..huhu..cikgu x oyak pun..
JPJ tester : xtau?? sapo ngaja awok??
faten : bakpo nyo?? xleh saloh ko cikgu..takot ms dy oyak tu,, sy x dengar..
JPJ tester : aihh..dy x oyak dh tuhh..
JPJ tester : sapo cikgu awk?? oyak la..
faten : hmmm...
JPJ tester : oyak la..
faten : pkcik kamal..
JPJ tester : pkcik kamal?? hk naik keto wira 71 tu ko??
faten : ho..
JPJ tester : berat la ckgu tu.. wat nayo ko budok jah..
then,, the JPJ tester gave her a sweet and he said :
i am sorry..kite jumpa mggu depan yerr..

faten n wahida had done thier driving test..
then its time for us to have lunch..
we were having our lunch at the marry brown which was near to the airport..

 P license (9/4/09)

i've got my P license today...
my dad came back from his office
and gave me the P license..

but unfortunately,,
i didnt have any chances to drive any cars..huhu..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

 blessed be to God..

today was the driving test day at kotaraya..
i was asked by my pakcik to go to the
kotaraya at the very morning...
i went to the kotaraya with my dad..he sent me there..
while he was on his way to his office...
but he refused to enter the gate(?) of the kotaraya..
he just sent me outside of the kotaraya..
i thought it was becoz my dad didnt want
any driving instructors or any workers from the kotaraya
recognized me as i was his daughter..
i mean JPJ officer's daughter..
if any of them knew me,, i would easily get passed..
i guess la..
but i also didnt want any of them to recognize me as "anak cik ya"..
i wanted to get pass as i am eligible to get it..u know what i mean??
i mean,, not becoz of i'm JPJ officer's daughter or a.k.a anak cik ya JPJ..
but what could i do...huhu

anyway,, i was waiting for my pakcik that he didnt even arrive at the kotaraya..
me : mana pakcik nieh?? lambat btol la...

while waiting,, i could make friends just-in-time ..
they were very sporting, friendly and eloquent..
they came to the kotaraya just like me..i mean to undergo the driving test..
but they had to undergo the retest..coz they had aground for their
first was their second..

sooner,, i saw my pakcik wearing a maroon shirt..
i was like waving at him..haha..
then he came to me..

pakcik : na, tunggu test pukul 10..
me : owh..
pakcik : ke na nak test sekarang??
me : tanak..tanak.. [ak sgt berdebar..i can feel the heart throb]
pakcik : xpe la klu gitu..tunggu yer..pakcik nak gi makan ni..
me : ok..

continued my conversation with my new friends..haha..

shortly,, approximately at 9.20am,,
my pakcik came to me..
we had a small conversation..then,, pakcik kamal came nearer..
pakcik kamal was my friends' driving instructor..
my pakcik and my friends' pakcik were very close..
they were joking each other...

pakcik kamal : anak cik ya test bila?
my pakcik : ni la anak cikya..[he chuckled]
pakcik kamal : owh ni..member anak buah saya la ni??
me : yup..faten kan??
pakcik kamal : yup..

a couple of minutes later..

pakcik kamal : duk kat mana??
me : telipot..dekat la ngan rumah faten tuhh..
pakcik kamal : ye pn pernah pergi rumah awk..
me : owh..

then,, pakcik kamal went away..

my pakcik : na,, bleh dah ni..da pukul 10 nihh..[actually it was 10.05am]..jom gi..
me : ok.. heart throbbed faster..i walked with my pakcik to the counter where the learners have to sit before started driving the cars..we had to wait for our pakcik talked to his bro who was a worker/instructor(?) at the kotaraya..his bro named abang min..he brought me to the counter that my pakcik is not a driving instructor which works with the kotaraya but he works with other driving school..

u know what??
that abang min told the JPJ tester that i was anak cik!!!!!
i realized that all the JPJ testers were staring at me afterward..
i guessed they should have known that i was cik ya's daughter..
actually,, there are two sessions..
session 8.30am and session 10.30am..
my pakcik booked for me the session 10.30am..
argghhhh!!! u know what??
my turn number
(?) was 67..abang min gave me a little piece of paper which written 67 on it..
and when i turned back the paper,,there's written ''anak en. ya + + haji nasir''..
haji nasir was my dad's bestfriend which also a JPJ officer..
i supposed that haji nasir told the JPJ tester that i was en. ya's daughter...huhu..
i was the first person who was called to start driving the car for session 10.30am...
everyone looked at me..they looked the way i checked the car
before i could start driving it...
i checked the signal light,,the light,,the wiper,,the side mirror,,wore the seatbelt..
i was nervous coz everyone was looking at me..
btw,, i used the car labeled no 1..haha..coz i was the first person..
but the real no of the car was 49..

my tester which was che rusnani,, was a serious lady..
she didnt even smile at me..
when i drove the car,, i forgot everything.. i was like numb..
i forgot to pull the hand break whenever i stopped the car..
i just pulled it once..i forgot to pull it when i was at the traffic light --- lampu merah lorhh..
dlm fikiran ak masa tuhh,, ak rasa [ak fail.. ak fail..]

bila ak sudah bwk kreta kat jalan raya,,
ak entered the kotaraya..
i didnt think that ak patuh roundabouts kat dalam kotaraya tuhh..
guna signal light pn x betol...smpai j ak kat counter kat mula2 ak stat bwk kreta tadi,,
the tester bagi ak the test card..ak kena sign la..
ak tgk markah ak 17/20..passing mark is 16..
i passed the test for jalan raya!!! alhamdulillah..
then i'd to undergo the test in the kotaraya which jalan raya tidak terlibat..
and which i had to do the 3 things -- bukit,, parking,, 3 penjuru...
again i had to wait for my turn...
then my name was called..i had to take the car labeled no 28..
arrgghhh..that car..that car was the car which i used yesterday and the day before yesterday..the-old-broken-air conditonal-perodua-kancil..haha..
luckily i have got myself used to it...

well,, when i did the bukit, my car didnt slide down backward..huh..i made it..
then i did the parking...i didnt complete the parking steps..ak x betulkan tayar n angkat tangan kat tester pn..coz the testers suruh ak beredar dari tmpat parking n buat 3 penjuru..
it's weird...but that's ok..n ak wat 3 penjuru yg plg cantik prnah ak buat[bagi ak la] hari ni..huhu..
and yeay!!! ak passed!!!!

i called my pakcik to tell him that i had done the test..and asking him where was him..
he was not at the kotaraya coz he went to fetch my friend elle to undrgo the retest..
actually,, session for retest is 2.00pm...
when both of them arrived at the kotaraya,,
then pakcik came to me,,
i suddently heard a voice...
pakcik : assalamualaikum..
i got shocked..haha..coz he came from behind me..

pakcik : macam mana na?? berita baik ke berita buruk??
me : agak baik..[hehhe..]
pakcik : elle ada kat pejabat..tanak gi teman dy ke??
me : dk kat pejabat??
pakcik : gi la..bagi semangat sket kat dy tu..
my pakcik then asked me whether i wanted to go home or i wanted to accompany elle?? i chose to accompany elle coz she looked very nervous and asked me to accompany her and gave her some tips on doing the bukit..coz she had aground for the first test last two weeks..
then,,my other friends came to the kotaraya with their own pakcik to do the retest..xera,,syakira,,amarriena..

huh..luckily elle passed the retest...our pakcik called us that he wanted to send us home..huhu..
unfortunately,, we didnt even get a chance to have our lunch at the canteen..
my pakcik had to send 4 students(?).. me,elle and the rest were boys..
the nearest house was elle's...b4 elle's was sent home,,elle sat in the middle between me and a boy..
but then when we arrived at her house,, i had to sit next to a boy..arhhh!!
but it's ok..that boy was kind and friendly..i didnt get a chance to ask his name..[hehhe]..coz we had reached my house..and i had to get out of the car..huhu...

pakcik : na nanti klu jumpa pakcik,, tegur2 la pakcik ye..
me : owh..insyaAllah

pakcik : pakcik mintak maaf la klu selama pkcik mngajar na,, pakcik ada terkasar..
me : eh xper la pakcik..[huhu..]

[xper la pakcik..tahun depan ajar la adik sy plak yer..hehhe..]

happy : i passed the test
sad : i dont need to go to the kotaraya and do the 3 things anymore and i cant see my pakcik anymore..i'll miss u..hahakk..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

 last day..

today was the last day for me going to kotaraya..[if i pass the test tomorrow..huhu]
practicing the bukit, parking and tiga penjuru..
and driving through the roads a,b and c...which are test roads(?)
i'm kinda nervous actually..
coz tomorrow i'll be facing the driving test..
i cant imagine how would i feel driving
next to the JPJ tester...

anyway,, i did all the 3 things well today..ok la..
like yesterday...
but my driving instructor said that
i drove the car way too careful and alert..haha.
like i didnt have the confidence to drive the car..

but..when i did the bukit,,
he said i did something wrong
which was i slowed down the speed of the car
when i was driving through the hill..and it's wrong!!!
coz the car might slide down backward..haha..
but that's ok..

p/s : dont bother my english..esp my grammatical sucks..huhu..

 g0t tagged..

tagged by jasmine faizurah.. tankyuh beybeh..tankyuh..

List 10 things that you want for your birthday, doesn't matter whether the things that you want is possible or impossible to get. tag 10 people to do this afterward. have fun.

1. a new motorcycle or scooter
2. a car since i'm gettin' the P license for D class which is car..proton(?) SAVY pun jadi la..proton ke perodua savy hah?? aku lupak la..
3. number plate(?) for my new motorcycle or car -- ANE 333 or ANE 369 or ANE 23...since there's no number plate which starts with E in malaysia..huhu and i've got MAE 33 for my motorcycle,,ACT 333 for my must cost me a lot..not me actually..but my dad larhh..
4. new handbag(s)..but not the feminine one la..just for storing my stuffs..haha..
5. new handphone of course..fon ak da buruk!! i've been using it since i was 15..huhu..
6. LPU membership..
7. exercise tool(?) or machine(?).. i want to burn my excessive fat!!
8. going to theme park..i've always wanted to ride on a rollercoaster for the 2nd time..huhu..
9. anythin' from anyone which can make me feel happy..esp my parents...
10. fulstop..blank..

sekian terima kasih..

i tag:
1. xera
2. sapa2 yang sudi..

Monday, April 6, 2009


kenapa ak rasa nak tergelak terbahak-bahak nieh??
my bro watched news(?) on tv just now..
he said ''na, xera masuk dlm berita na!!"
i asked "why??"
he : she's the most richest in malaysia..
me : serious??
he : haha..


today i went to kotaraya..again..
i'm very happy today!!!! wahh!!!
i made it at last!!!
i didnt do any mistakes today! [i'm not sure actually] .. hahahahahaha!!!

when i did the parking,, i didnt even hit the 'tiang'..even once..
when i did the '3 penjuru' --- well,, i did it well..haha.i mean i could control the steering well..
when i did the 'bukit' thingy -- my car didnt even slide down backward..haha..

thnx pakcik coz letting me drove the perodua kancil..
easy to manage lah kancil ni..
anyway,, i used the perodua viva before..
but honestly,, i hate that perodua kancil..
huh.. i got sweat..soaking wet..the kancil was kinda old..haha..
the air-conditioner(?) was broken la...
who's the owner of the car hah??
go repair the service thing..

anyway,, i met my friend at kotaraya..xera!!!
haha.. i spent her a glass of teh ais.. [ada ka patot??]..haha..
you should have spent me la xera..u're the rich one and not me...
luckily u didnt bring ur money..
but that's ok..haha...

huh..anyway..back to the driving lesson..
tomorrow will be the last day for me
to practice driving car before wednesday..
urgghhh!!! test day!!! no!!

i dont care..who cares??
if i pass the test..alhamdulillah..
but if i fail, retest jer larhh..h0ho..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

 huh..the day i went through hell..

hari rabu nihh ak da kena test ngan tester JPJ..
ak tkot..debaran sudah dpt dirasai..

hari ni..huh..
mmg hari yg paling teruk...
ak g blaja kreta kat kotaraya..
sblm ak sampai kt kotaraya,,
pakcik ak,,i mean my driving instructor,,
singgah kat satu gerai n bli nasi bungkus..haha..
ada ka lps dy da bli nasi satu bungkus and he went
to the car and asked me,, "na tak nak nasi ke??"
actually in kelantanese accent,, "na tokse nasik ko?""
i'm kelantanese anyway..hoho..and the pakcik too..
hahhakkk..he should have asked me BEFORE he went to the gerai..
nasib baik ak jwb "tokse"..

btw,,when i was at the kotaraya,,
when i did the parking,, i hit the 'tiang' and the tiang fell down..
owhh..what a shame..many of the driving instructors
reprimanded me and i felt like screaming and crying!!!
[what the f**k is wrong with me??]

my pakcik was eating his nasi bungkus at the canteen..
why did he left me alone doing all that f**king things huh??
i mean do the 'bukit',,parking and 'tiga penjuru'...
it was like hell...

for the parking part,, i hit the tiang..
for tiga penjuru i couldnt contol the steering..
for bukit,, my car slided down backward..

the worst is the pakcik asked me to
write the parking steps on a paper
and memorize it or just put it in the car on the dashboard(?)..haha..

huh!! what to do..
how am i going to face the driving test this wednesday??

it's your fault pakcik..
actually,, i dont mean to blame you..
but it's your fault..
it's been a long time since the last time you brought me to kotaraya
and do that 3 things..
you just let me drove on the road(?) or highway(?)..
you let me drove kat jalan dalam bandar..
tapi xpe la..dy nk bg ak biasakan diri dalam kesibukan bandar..
which kita akan tempuhinya tiap2 hari lepas nieh..

tapi the thing is,, i couldnt make it when i go to kotaraya
to do the 3 i cant!!!

huh..tomorrow..again i'll go to kotaraya..
wish me luck..