Wednesday, August 14, 2013


after a very long time not blogging,
and here i am..
dulu rajin juga blogging ni..sekarang bila dh start masuk degree 
ni jarang ada masa utk blogging..
balik rmh je mula la rajin..

not to forget, salam aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin kpd semua..
yg mana2 dah start puasa sunat bulan syawal, selamat menunaikannya..

hari ni rasa mcm nk kongsi something..
rupa2nya most of medical students didnt know that we, the dental students 
studying the same subjects they're studying..
i noticed it since i met my old friend, a medical student and having an iftar with her..
she just came back from egypt..

fyi, most people underestimate us like ''ala, doktor gigi je''
they thought that what we learn is all about teeth..
once again fyi, them medical students didnt even know that
we also have OSCE for the exam..

we learned Basic Medical Science when we were in year 1 & 2
where the subjects include all the systems in a human body..
1 general
2 haemopoietic & lymphoid system
3 cardiovascular system
4 respiratory system
5 musculoskeletal system
6 endocrine system
7 gastrointestinal system
8 genitourinary system
9 central nervous system
10 community health and communicable diseases
11 human disease (year 3 - for OSCE) subjects include general medicine, general surgery and traumatology 

**plus all the dental subjects
1 oral biology
2 dental materials
3 community dentistry
4 oral & maxillofacial pathology
5 oral & maxillofacial surgery
6 oral radiology
7 operative dentistry
8 prosthetic dentistry
9 periodontics
10 paediatric dentistry
11 orthodontics
12 endodontics  


Thursday, February 7, 2013

 human disease

today..i feel freedom...
yes...i did bad thing today...i skipped a class..
i dont know whether its on purpose or not...
well, i do have the intention not to attend the class today
but i didnt really mean it...
well i'm never gonna skip classes...its our responsibility as a student to go to class right??

but...i WOKE UP very late today!!   
i kept on snoozing my alarm..
not that late actually..6.40a.m.
my roomate had siap2 already wearing tudung...
the bus was there at the bus stop at 6.30
to fetch us to go to hospital Sungai Buloh

its a about-40 minutes-journey from uitm shah alam to sungai buloh..

and we usually go to the hospital every thursday 
attending the human disease class
doing the same thing....

8.00a.m. -class - lecture - go to ward - clerking patients - do physical examination to the patients - case write up - present to the lecturer(bedside) - 5.00p.m. back to uitm shah alam

i know i am very suck at history taking and physical examination!! and also making differential diagnoses.. 

but when the time for presentation comes, i always have the bad luck to be selected to present my case..

sorry prof ghassan & dr andrean for not going to the hospital today! we'll meet again next week..

now i'm living all alone by myself in this room...not knowing what to do...

just staying in the room & sidai2 baju n kemas2 bilik je la...
tomorrow BALIK KAMPUNG -kota bharu for chinese new year-

Friday, February 1, 2013

 new life

i know its a little bit too late for me to say that i'm having a new life now..
new life doesnt mean that i've got married or you know engaged or something..

i have now entered the clinical year..which is the third year of my bachelor degree...

started seeing real patients after 1 year doing projects to the dummy in the simulation lab..
but i still got 2 years to go....
its happy to say i'll be graduating in 2015 insyaAllah
but its also sad to say that i'll be separated from my friends...

i'm now on holiday..well actually its a semester break after the semester examination..

this monday i'll be entering semester 6 insyaAllah...

my life will completely be hectic - start seeing patient this monday..

i hate travels so fast when i'm home
*holy crap!!

 these days

i'm back!!!

it's been a very long time since i did anything here..

i do miss blogging...and i thought that i need to write something
to express my feelings...i dont know..
its a mixed feelings..