Saturday, October 31, 2009

 run a business??

well,, i'd personally love to run a business..
especially when it comes to a cupcake business..haha..
ok..back to running a business..

my mom told me that my dad's gonna run a business..
but not that sooner..
when my dad's become a pensioner(?)
yeah..he's bought a kiosk which he'll be utilizing it
to run his business..
but the question is,,
what kind of business will he be running??

i would say

i really want to keep the restaurant up and running...
well,, no doubt that my hobby is trying new recipes..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

 what race is this guy??

i never thought this guy is an indian...
i guess..
well,, according to his name,,
Kamaljit Singh Jhooti..
or known as jay sean...
by his stage name..
to me,, he's kinda hot...
not kinda but he really is hot..

i like his new single released
which entitled 'down'..
he seemed so hot on the video....
featuring lil wayne..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


this is the capital city of my state..
which i live in this state..
i love klate..
the best place in the world...
and has the best citizen in the world...haha..


why am i actively posting entry recently??
it's becoz i'm on holiday right now..
for 2 weeks..
it's the holiday between
first semester and the 2nd semester...

rindu nyoh klate ak!!!!


i always dreamed to have my own car
since i've got the license...
but there's no suitable car for me...
i only want a small car
which is desirable for a beginner like me...
my dream car is always be the SUZUKI SWIFT...
i wish i can have it...

ohh.. my dream car!!! my mom at first promised me to buy
this one.. but then she realized,,
only for a beginner like me,,
i only deserve this car....
perodua viva elite...

perodua viva elite pn ok lah...

not that bad....
support Malaysia's product!!!
insyaAllah i'll get this car next year...

 spm 2009..

to all SPM 2009 candidates,,
good luck...
especially to my sis,,her closest friends
who i know them n not to be forgotten jasmine faizurah...

bout spm??
dont worry..
you dont have to score straight As for spm...
haha..bad motivation..
it's my brother's theory...
how many As you get,,
it's not that you're not gonna be able to further your study
in the pusat asasi,,matrikulasi, and
STPM or those preparation to overseas programmes..
at least you'll get diploma..

nowadays everybody get their chances to further their study..
as long as they have money..haha..
money is everything now!!
everybody can go to overseas,,
go to pusat asasi which all students dream to go
and their teachers wanted them to go..
my parents did want me to go to pusat asasi UIA
by negotiating with the cable-person-thing or should i say 'org dalam'..
but i refused to..

for me,,it's unfair that people who is kind of unlucky like me
which got rather-bad-result for SPM
can go to pusat's not the right place for a lazy people like me..
so, just let it be...
i'm happy studying in kolej matrikulasi now...
not that happy that i'm sometimes kind of homesick..
being with more matured friends and understanding each other...
the subjects are not that tough..
i mean,, i have to re-study the things that
i've learned in school but this one is more advanced and more to a specific-learning...

but in here,,i have to freaking struggle
to get the best result...
i want to make my parents proud of me
and i wanna make their dreams come true..


photo shoot day..

sblm photoshoot..
smpat lg berpose-pose..
waduhh..blazer yg sgt besar..haha..
free size...

 cuti raya..

family dato' or i call him ayah long
held a majlis berbuka puasa at a 5 stars restaurant..

beliau belanja semua sedara-mara..

from left,, me, my sis, datin (mek) and my greatest grandma (cek)

spupu, mak sdara, n sdara lain..

ak ngan adk ak kt mcD with my cousins..
but where are me n my sis?? haha..

 on the way back to kelantan..

nk balik raya!!
kelantanese girls!!

 majlis berbuka puasa

before semua balik kampung utk raya,,
kitorg 1 praktikum
ade wat majlis berbuka puasa bersama2..haha..
never forget this moment..

 the day

the day we,, me n my course mates
organized the pertandingan permainan tradisional..

chaiyoik!! chaiyok!! abe,, imran n nabila!!

 experiment bio

yeay!!! experiment for biology!!
the best moment..
i like bio...

ni xtau ape ke benda nyer..da lupa la..

pembedahan seekor tikus yg cumil...
i could see its spleen,,liver,,,,kidneys,,intestines,,
heart which was still throbbing
before we operated its head..
i held the brain..haha..proud..
but me and my lab partner accidentally cut off her ovary..haha..
i thought it was her cholesterol..

doctor-to-be kot...haha..


 dikir barat

i'm starting to slowly like dikir barat..haha..
i mean,, i never liked dikir barat bfore...
sbb ak mnyertai prtandingan dikir barat
peringkat kolej..
proud to be one of them..


my cute n the best roomates...

the most sempoi girl...

nibah,, i'll always miss you...n your 'sedawo'..
good luck..
be always happy in China..

mana roomate ak sorang lagi nieh??

course mates ..

sweet moment..larian KAKOM..


this is my handmade..


nk gtau ak sayang giler kat kucing2 ak
after a couple of months since the last time
i pampered and cuddled them...

antara gmbar kucing2 ak!!


blog ku!!!
rindu nya!!
long time no blogging!!