Friday, March 27, 2009

 not to be forgotten

today is jasmine faizurah's besday!!!
happy besday!!!
you're one of my online best buddies!!!
happy besday!!!

do your best in spm 2009!!!
i'll pray for ya...
dont worry...

 happy belated besday..

happy belated besday chester charles bennington..
my hero!!! you've turned 33...
you're just the best singer ever..
and you're my best bro...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

 saddest or happiest???

12 mac 2009..
the result for spm has come out..
i really cant forget that day..
i cried my heart out..
hugging my friends...
i dont know what was going on around me..
when i opened the envelope,,
i saw the result..
and the tears started gliding down my face..
i was speechless..
my sister n her friends came n see me..
they were raring to know bout my result...
seriously,, i did cry my heart out...

confusedness conquered myself..
i didnt know whether the result was
the most happiest thing or the saddest thing..

it was the happiest because
i got 3B for additional mathematics
and i got 3B for history...
i always thought that i will get failed for both subjects..
coz for the add math,,
i didnt answer all of the questions..
each question in paper 2 which contains
(a) (i) (ii)
(b) (i) (ii)
(c) (i) (ii)
but i only answered (a) for every question..
add math sucks..bloody hell!!!
but i'm very happy that i got 3B for add math..

history?? urmmm...
i didnt even read books..
especially history books..
history does attract me and i like it but i do hate to memorize it..
seriously i do...
i took one week before the exam to start reading,recalling and memorizing
one big thick history book..
but i didnt even read all the topics..haha..
i just read topics that i felt like reading it..choosy..hehhe..
i am a lazy person...
yeah i'm lazy..
the objective questions?? haha..i just used my short gun..i mean pencil la..
tembak2 jer jwapan..haha...giler betol..
i'm lazy...hate reading...

the saddest??
hmmmm..i dont think i have the mood to type out down here
when it comes to the saddest...
the saddest --- i only got less As for the exam..
and it's a nitemare for me..
that's all..dont ask me how many As i got..
and the most saddest,, i got 3B for chemistry..
sorry mama that i have disappointed u...
u're a great chemistry teacher..
sorry that i cant follow my brother that he got 1A for chem..