Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i was just informed that 2 of my kittens have gone dead..
but why didnt anyone tell me before?
i didnt even get any chances to see them
after they were born..
can i go home now?
i'm sick of living at college...
i wanna see n look after the mother of the kittens..
she must be searching for the kittens..
i can feel it..
coz my mom phoned me and told me that
Mona (the mother), took a fish and was searching for her kittens
to feed sad..
i really wanna hug Mona...

 happy news

i'll be getting the JPA scholarship soon..
so happy..
really hope that i'll get it before Raya Aidil Fitri
so that i can go shopping for raya..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


God i miss my home...
i need to get home NOW!!'s not that pleasure to perform fasting here at the college..
nk buka puasa dgn family!!
makan makanan selera kelantan..

i wanna go home..

btw, raya..
i can only celebrate raya just for a week..
then i have to come back here
since my final exam is around the corner..
arrgghh..only Allah knows i hate exams..


long time no blogging...
i'm at UiTM Shah Alam
taking bachelor of dental surgery now..

huhh.being here..fuhh.
i dont know how am i gonna start this...
living here is so.....exhausted..
everyday i've to attend classes
from 8a.m. to 5p.m.. [generally..]
sometimes the class ends at 6p.m.

taking dentistry is such..
well honestly, i do wanna be a dentist and i'm willing to face the 5 years study..
but previously, i didnt think it's gonna be like this..
i life is too buzy..
i have to stay up all nights..studying..

btw, my previous test result..haha..
quite disappointed..haha..
i only got pass..but i failed to get A..
that's ok..think positive..
there're still more tests n exams waiting..i'll try to do my best
and make my parents proud..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

 menghitung hari!

result matrik da nak kluar..
i can feel the huge adrenaline rush inside my body
whenever i think of the day..
my sister got her chance to go to UM..
but what bout me? where am i goin' to pursue my study after this?
my bro n my parents really wanted and coaxed me to go to UM
so that i can be a companion to my sister...

one word keeps puzzling my mind,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


now i'm certain
that i'm gonna pursue my study
on the science field...
(i know that i used to hate science)
and i've ever taken the class for (engineering drawing??) in highscool..
and as far as i can remember, those of my friends who from the beginning
took the biology class just becoz of they liked biology...
but i dont understand...
where are they now?? huhu...
they even escaped themselves from science field..
but thats ok...its their lifes...
live your life to the fullest,, friends...

[clearing throat....]
i have determined and
devoting full strength and concentrated attention to get 4 flat
for this second semester...
i really wanna be a dentist..
i dont care what people will say..
even my bro who really objects me when i said i wanted to be a dentist...

i wanna fulfill my parents' dreams...
i can see it through the way they talk,
they way they act..
it's like they're hoping me to be a doctor...

well, dont worry mom and dad...
i will make your dreams come true...
i know that you're hoping me to be a doctor or a dentist..
since they're non of our family members have become doctors or dentists..
only engineers and lawyers..
and the courses that use skill..haha..ridiculous.
i dont know what they are called..
you know like the hotel management and the designing thingy..

ya Allah,, i really hope that i'll get 4 flat for this 2nd semester
and i will have the opportunity to further my study on dentistry..


now i'm starting to like chemistry...
i enjoy learning it..
for this semester i learn about the organic chemistry..

but i kinda dont understand
about the attacking of the nucleophilic on the electrophilic..
and the free radical substitution...

to be honest,,
i'm so lucky to have my mom who is a chemistry teacher
and got the degree for chemistry..(whatever)
i dont what it is called..
and my mom has a major on the organic chemistry..

now that i'm home,
i can learn chemistry with my mom..


p/s: sorry mr. mark haur jye..
it's not that i didnt get anything from you when i was in the lecture hall..
but...hmmmphh..speechless..sometimes i felt sleepy in the lecture hall..
btw, you're the best chemistry lecturer...and also thnx for being my tutor..

 thumbs up

like this!!!!