Tuesday, October 27, 2009

spm 2009..

to all SPM 2009 candidates,,
good luck...
especially to my sis,,her closest friends
who i know them n not to be forgotten jasmine faizurah...

bout spm??
dont worry..
you dont have to score straight As for spm...
haha..bad motivation..
it's my brother's theory...
how many As you get,,
it's not that you're not gonna be able to further your study
in the pusat asasi,,matrikulasi, and
STPM or those preparation to overseas programmes..
at least you'll get diploma..

nowadays everybody get their chances to further their study..
as long as they have money..haha..
money is everything now!!
everybody can go to overseas,,
go to pusat asasi which all students dream to go
and their teachers wanted them to go..
my parents did want me to go to pusat asasi UIA
by negotiating with the cable-person-thing or should i say 'org dalam'..
but i refused to..

for me,,it's unfair that people who is kind of unlucky like me
which got rather-bad-result for SPM
can go to pusat asasi...it's not the right place for a lazy people like me..
so, just let it be...
i'm happy studying in kolej matrikulasi now...
not that happy that i'm sometimes kind of homesick..
being with more matured friends and understanding each other...
the subjects are not that tough..
i mean,, i have to re-study the things that
i've learned in school but this one is more advanced and more to a specific-learning...

but in here,,i have to freaking struggle
to get the best result...
i want to make my parents proud of me
and i wanna make their dreams come true..

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