Wednesday, January 13, 2010


now i'm starting to like chemistry...
i enjoy learning it..
for this semester i learn about the organic chemistry..

but i kinda dont understand
about the attacking of the nucleophilic on the electrophilic..
and the free radical substitution...

to be honest,,
i'm so lucky to have my mom who is a chemistry teacher
and got the degree for chemistry..(whatever)
i dont what it is called..
and my mom has a major on the organic chemistry..

now that i'm home,
i can learn chemistry with my mom..


p/s: sorry mr. mark haur jye..
it's not that i didnt get anything from you when i was in the lecture hall..
but...hmmmphh..speechless..sometimes i felt sleepy in the lecture hall..
btw, you're the best chemistry lecturer...and also thnx for being my tutor..

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