Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SGS presentation

today i had a presentation...
our group had been given the title 'hypertension' for the presentation..
i think when it came to my part,
it was a disaster...i forgot what i should say
and i didnt even read my short note while presenting..
i just read straight from the slides..
actually i was freaking nervous because
my friend from the floor gestured to me & tried to tell me i only got 20 minutes left
before my group had to end our presentation... (i was the last presenter for the group)
thank God i could manage it...
i tried my best to explain the drugs that are used to treat hypertension,
their mechanism of action, their adverse effects........

the worst part was the Q&A section..OMG!
the lecturer just asked me about that little something
i just ignored when i studied before the presentation..
i forgot the question...
but why on earth did she ever ask me that question?
i mean i ONLY skipped that part when studying about the hypertension...
credit to my group-mates syahir & fakhrul that they
really did help me answering the question...

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