Friday, February 1, 2013

new life

i know its a little bit too late for me to say that i'm having a new life now..
new life doesnt mean that i've got married or you know engaged or something..

i have now entered the clinical year..which is the third year of my bachelor degree...

started seeing real patients after 1 year doing projects to the dummy in the simulation lab..
but i still got 2 years to go....
its happy to say i'll be graduating in 2015 insyaAllah
but its also sad to say that i'll be separated from my friends...

i'm now on holiday..well actually its a semester break after the semester examination..

this monday i'll be entering semester 6 insyaAllah...

my life will completely be hectic - start seeing patient this monday..

i hate travels so fast when i'm home
*holy crap!!

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