Thursday, September 24, 2009



what do you think when it comes to the word friends??

hmmm..when this word pops into my mind,
i think of who are they to me
and what they do to me as they're my friend..

one day,, i went to see
my friends which are my classmates..
they are good friends
i mean they were good friends..
i'm sayin' this bcoz i can see it through what they did to me..
u know what is self-interest-friendship??
this is what my bro told me..actually it is brkawan hanya utk kepentingan..
yup..this is what they did to me..

on the day,, i told two of them to message me if all of the members
arrived at the kfc..but, the things went horribly wrong..
they didnt even call or msg me..
in fact,, they have ordered the kfc..
i was the one to call them..i was kinda shocked..
how could they do this to me??
luckily i have my sister and cousins with me..
they adviced me to not to join them bcoz
they also realized what they did to me..

but i refused to bcoz i what is the meaning of 'friends'..
i care bout bout their feelings..but what bout them??

today,,this time, right now, right here i want to declare
bout my ability..i can read people's thought,
people's expressions..which is inherited to me (i guess)
from my mom, from my mom's tok guru..
i hope u dont mind..i mean they dont mind..
i know what you've been doing and what you're doing to me..
and also your intentions towards me..

plz change your attitudes guys..
nobody wants to befriend you..
or like my mom said "x boleh dijadikan kawan"..
if u keep doing the same things to your friends..
and my roommates and my floor mates always advised me and
got mad at me that i always care for my friends' feelings
without thinking of what they do to me...

to be honest,, i love my new friends..
they're being such good friends..
they care and u/stand bout my feelings..
they're always being my back up..

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  1. hahah you. this is my last time i changed my link.