Thursday, May 7, 2009


yesterday,, me and my friends went to the kotaraya (again)..
we went there just to accompany faten undergoing her retest..
luckily and eventually she passed the the test..
syukur alhamdulillah..
anyway,, its the last day..
i mean its the last day we went there by xera's honda jazz..
we went there early in the morning
coz faten was asked by her pakcik kamal to go there at approx 9 a.m.
we reached the kotaraya at about 9.20 a.m.

we were searching pakcik kamal to know bout faten's retest..
but he was not there..argghhh!!!
we got mad that pkcik kamal asked us to go there early in the morning
so that faten wont be rejected from undergoing the retest..
but where was him????!!!!
he should have phoned faten that the retest for her was at 2 p.m.
we maddeningly into xera's honda jazz and went away..
btw,, i found my driving instructor..
but i didnt have the chance to have a conversation with him...

we went around kota bharu and seeking for any good restaurants
but we didnt find one..
we just putar-putar and putar area kota bharu..
lastly,, xera decided to directly go to the kotaraya that
she was kinda sick of seeking a restaurant..
nesya then decided to go to a restaurant near to the kotaraya
which very near to the rohm-wako..
me and naresya have been to the restaurant...
we ordered 'nasi goreng pattaya'..
the taste of it was not that good and not that bad..
but the thing is,, it was way too expensive..haiyya!!

then we when to the kotaraya to accompany faten undergoing her retest..
while we were on our way to the kotaraya,,
something had happened to xera's hoda jazz tire...
luckily one man..i mean a driving instructor help us changed the tire..
thnx to him...
xera then phoned her mom and told the news bout the tire..
her mom asked her to go home..she had to leave me and the other friends at the kotaraya..
luckily nesya's mom works near to the kotaraya...
her mom could fetch us..but she could only fetch us at 5.30 p.m.
so we had to stay at the kotaraya till 5.30 p.m.
huh..what a tiring day..

good news : faten passed her test
bad news : last day for us gathering at the kotaraya coz we will separate..huhu.. i mean to our sad..nesya had set off to kuala lumpur today before she goes to the matriculation college in negeri sembilan..

dont bother my english!!

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