Monday, April 27, 2009

kalah bermaruah..

25/4/09 final FA cup MAS
kelantan vs. selangor..
the red warriors vs. red giants!!!

i hate everyone in my larhh..
i deadly wanted to go to the stadium nasional bukit jalil to watch the match!!!
but why??? why weyh?? why ak xleh gi??
is it becoz of i'm a girl?? girl bleh minat bola wat??

i love soccer!! especially when it comes to liverpool n brazil...[dont say anythin!!]

my dad bought 6 tickets..
actually he didnt even buy them..
his friend from KL gave them to him..hahahaha..

ehmmm..there are 7 members in my family..
my dad firstly decided only men could go...

it's not fair!!!!!
i said that i wanted to go...
and my bro offered me the ticket..

my bro : nk gi ke??

me : nk..nk..

my bro : ayh, ena nk gi..

dad : nk gi ke?? bleh ah..

i got a green light from my dad..
then i asked my mom to go
so that i have at least someone to accompany me since i am a girl..
but my mom refused to go...she didnt wanna miss any classes since she's a teacher..

no!!! my dad then didnt permit me to go..

dad : na xyah gi la..mama x gi..
me : :( [arghhhh!!!!]

btw,, my bro had bought 4 jerseys.. kelantan punya la!!!

the atmosphere before the match started

my bros and my dad's friend(kanan)..why are my bros very tall hah??
sorry i cant beat u all..i surrender...
my dad's friend looks small..hahaha..

the point is kelantan kalah bermaruah..
do i need to mention once again that i'm a kelantanese??
so paham2 la ak sokong team mana..
ala,,selangor menang pn becoz of penalty...
klu x,, 1-1 jer larhh...
thnx to the cutest ezrie that he managed to jaringkan gol..
but i'm a bit disappointed with indra putera..huh...
org harapan kelntan...but that's ok..
tahun depan ada lagi...

fav player:
23 - indra
(?) - khalid jamlus
8 - ezrie
10 - farhan
22 - shahrizan
27 - zamri
(?) - piya (kapten)

go go red warriors!!!

gomo klate gomo!!

nami ketua's quote:

"our SMILING referee. btape saket nye aty ak ble abg ni x tiup wisel tme player slangor men kasar a.k.a mnjatuhkn player kte! SO MANY TIMES OKAY. sdgkn kelantan, dh 4 org players dpt kad kuning. agak bengong. seriously! & yg x disengajakn pn dia kire jgk."

i totally agree with you nami!!!! yeah!!!

dont bother my english!!
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  1. lain kali...ajok aku....hissshh

    btw...piya nombor 16
    khalid jmlus nombr 25

  2. timo kasih..timo kasih..
    ak x igt sggh we no dy bp..

    tu ah..
    klu ak ajk mum,,
    bleh dh 2 tiket tu..huhu...
    bia la..lps lps dh..

  3. terjumpe ur blog bile google pasal kelantan FA. yeap, kelantan kalah bermaruah! =D

    n sakit hati yg amat bile tgk si botak hardi jaafar dah 5,6 foul tapi still x dapat kad kuning. ref failed to balance the entire pressure of the game. huhu.

    aniwey, gomo kelate gomo! hehe.