Wednesday, April 8, 2009

blessed be to God..

today was the driving test day at kotaraya..
i was asked by my pakcik to go to the
kotaraya at the very morning...
i went to the kotaraya with my dad..he sent me there..
while he was on his way to his office...
but he refused to enter the gate(?) of the kotaraya..
he just sent me outside of the kotaraya..
i thought it was becoz my dad didnt want
any driving instructors or any workers from the kotaraya
recognized me as i was his daughter..
i mean JPJ officer's daughter..
if any of them knew me,, i would easily get passed..
i guess la..
but i also didnt want any of them to recognize me as "anak cik ya"..
i wanted to get pass as i am eligible to get it..u know what i mean??
i mean,, not becoz of i'm JPJ officer's daughter or a.k.a anak cik ya JPJ..
but what could i do...huhu

anyway,, i was waiting for my pakcik that he didnt even arrive at the kotaraya..
me : mana pakcik nieh?? lambat btol la...

while waiting,, i could make friends just-in-time ..
they were very sporting, friendly and eloquent..
they came to the kotaraya just like me..i mean to undergo the driving test..
but they had to undergo the retest..coz they had aground for their
first was their second..

sooner,, i saw my pakcik wearing a maroon shirt..
i was like waving at him..haha..
then he came to me..

pakcik : na, tunggu test pukul 10..
me : owh..
pakcik : ke na nak test sekarang??
me : tanak..tanak.. [ak sgt berdebar..i can feel the heart throb]
pakcik : xpe la klu gitu..tunggu yer..pakcik nak gi makan ni..
me : ok..

continued my conversation with my new friends..haha..

shortly,, approximately at 9.20am,,
my pakcik came to me..
we had a small conversation..then,, pakcik kamal came nearer..
pakcik kamal was my friends' driving instructor..
my pakcik and my friends' pakcik were very close..
they were joking each other...

pakcik kamal : anak cik ya test bila?
my pakcik : ni la anak cikya..[he chuckled]
pakcik kamal : owh ni..member anak buah saya la ni??
me : yup..faten kan??
pakcik kamal : yup..

a couple of minutes later..

pakcik kamal : duk kat mana??
me : telipot..dekat la ngan rumah faten tuhh..
pakcik kamal : ye pn pernah pergi rumah awk..
me : owh..

then,, pakcik kamal went away..

my pakcik : na,, bleh dah ni..da pukul 10 nihh..[actually it was 10.05am]..jom gi..
me : ok.. heart throbbed faster..i walked with my pakcik to the counter where the learners have to sit before started driving the cars..we had to wait for our pakcik talked to his bro who was a worker/instructor(?) at the kotaraya..his bro named abang min..he brought me to the counter that my pakcik is not a driving instructor which works with the kotaraya but he works with other driving school..

u know what??
that abang min told the JPJ tester that i was anak cik!!!!!
i realized that all the JPJ testers were staring at me afterward..
i guessed they should have known that i was cik ya's daughter..
actually,, there are two sessions..
session 8.30am and session 10.30am..
my pakcik booked for me the session 10.30am..
argghhhh!!! u know what??
my turn number
(?) was 67..abang min gave me a little piece of paper which written 67 on it..
and when i turned back the paper,,there's written ''anak en. ya + + haji nasir''..
haji nasir was my dad's bestfriend which also a JPJ officer..
i supposed that haji nasir told the JPJ tester that i was en. ya's daughter...huhu..
i was the first person who was called to start driving the car for session 10.30am...
everyone looked at me..they looked the way i checked the car
before i could start driving it...
i checked the signal light,,the light,,the wiper,,the side mirror,,wore the seatbelt..
i was nervous coz everyone was looking at me..
btw,, i used the car labeled no 1..haha..coz i was the first person..
but the real no of the car was 49..

my tester which was che rusnani,, was a serious lady..
she didnt even smile at me..
when i drove the car,, i forgot everything.. i was like numb..
i forgot to pull the hand break whenever i stopped the car..
i just pulled it once..i forgot to pull it when i was at the traffic light --- lampu merah lorhh..
dlm fikiran ak masa tuhh,, ak rasa [ak fail.. ak fail..]

bila ak sudah bwk kreta kat jalan raya,,
ak entered the kotaraya..
i didnt think that ak patuh roundabouts kat dalam kotaraya tuhh..
guna signal light pn x betol...smpai j ak kat counter kat mula2 ak stat bwk kreta tadi,,
the tester bagi ak the test card..ak kena sign la..
ak tgk markah ak 17/20..passing mark is 16..
i passed the test for jalan raya!!! alhamdulillah..
then i'd to undergo the test in the kotaraya which jalan raya tidak terlibat..
and which i had to do the 3 things -- bukit,, parking,, 3 penjuru...
again i had to wait for my turn...
then my name was called..i had to take the car labeled no 28..
arrgghhh..that car..that car was the car which i used yesterday and the day before yesterday..the-old-broken-air conditonal-perodua-kancil..haha..
luckily i have got myself used to it...

well,, when i did the bukit, my car didnt slide down backward..huh..i made it..
then i did the parking...i didnt complete the parking steps..ak x betulkan tayar n angkat tangan kat tester pn..coz the testers suruh ak beredar dari tmpat parking n buat 3 penjuru..
it's weird...but that's ok..n ak wat 3 penjuru yg plg cantik prnah ak buat[bagi ak la] hari ni..huhu..
and yeay!!! ak passed!!!!

i called my pakcik to tell him that i had done the test..and asking him where was him..
he was not at the kotaraya coz he went to fetch my friend elle to undrgo the retest..
actually,, session for retest is 2.00pm...
when both of them arrived at the kotaraya,,
then pakcik came to me,,
i suddently heard a voice...
pakcik : assalamualaikum..
i got shocked..haha..coz he came from behind me..

pakcik : macam mana na?? berita baik ke berita buruk??
me : agak baik..[hehhe..]
pakcik : elle ada kat pejabat..tanak gi teman dy ke??
me : dk kat pejabat??
pakcik : gi la..bagi semangat sket kat dy tu..
my pakcik then asked me whether i wanted to go home or i wanted to accompany elle?? i chose to accompany elle coz she looked very nervous and asked me to accompany her and gave her some tips on doing the bukit..coz she had aground for the first test last two weeks..
then,,my other friends came to the kotaraya with their own pakcik to do the retest..xera,,syakira,,amarriena..

huh..luckily elle passed the retest...our pakcik called us that he wanted to send us home..huhu..
unfortunately,, we didnt even get a chance to have our lunch at the canteen..
my pakcik had to send 4 students(?).. me,elle and the rest were boys..
the nearest house was elle's...b4 elle's was sent home,,elle sat in the middle between me and a boy..
but then when we arrived at her house,, i had to sit next to a boy..arhhh!!
but it's ok..that boy was kind and friendly..i didnt get a chance to ask his name..[hehhe]..coz we had reached my house..and i had to get out of the car..huhu...

pakcik : na nanti klu jumpa pakcik,, tegur2 la pakcik ye..
me : owh..insyaAllah

pakcik : pakcik mintak maaf la klu selama pkcik mngajar na,, pakcik ada terkasar..
me : eh xper la pakcik..[huhu..]

[xper la pakcik..tahun depan ajar la adik sy plak yer..hehhe..]

happy : i passed the test
sad : i dont need to go to the kotaraya and do the 3 things anymore and i cant see my pakcik anymore..i'll miss u..hahakk..


  1. ENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. hahaha...
    sedak tu sedak..
    tapi ayoh suh blaja mula!!!

  3. sera..
    i'm about to update my blog la nieh..