Tuesday, April 7, 2009

g0t tagged..

tagged by jasmine faizurah.. tankyuh beybeh..tankyuh..

List 10 things that you want for your birthday, doesn't matter whether the things that you want is possible or impossible to get. tag 10 people to do this afterward. have fun.

1. a new motorcycle or scooter
2. a car since i'm gettin' the P license for D class which is car..proton(?) SAVY pun jadi la..proton ke perodua savy hah?? aku lupak la..
3. number plate(?) for my new motorcycle or car -- ANE 333 or ANE 369 or ANE 23...since there's no number plate which starts with E in malaysia..huhu and i've got MAE 33 for my motorcycle,,ACT 333 for my estima..it must cost me a lot..not me actually..but my dad larhh..
4. new handbag(s)..but not the feminine one la..just for storing my stuffs..haha..
5. new handphone of course..fon ak da buruk!! i've been using it since i was 15..huhu..
6. LPU membership..
7. exercise tool(?) or machine(?).. i want to burn my excessive fat!!
8. going to theme park..i've always wanted to ride on a rollercoaster for the 2nd time..huhu..
9. anythin' from anyone which can make me feel happy..esp my parents...
10. fulstop..blank..

sekian terima kasih..

i tag:
1. xera
2. sapa2 yang sudi..

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