Tuesday, April 7, 2009

last day..

today was the last day for me going to kotaraya..[if i pass the test tomorrow..huhu]
practicing the bukit, parking and tiga penjuru..
and driving through the roads a,b and c...which are test roads(?)
i'm kinda nervous actually..
coz tomorrow i'll be facing the driving test..
i cant imagine how would i feel driving
next to the JPJ tester...

anyway,, i did all the 3 things well today..ok la..
like yesterday...
but my driving instructor said that
i drove the car way too careful and alert..haha.
like i didnt have the confidence to drive the car..

but..when i did the bukit,,
he said i did something wrong
which was i slowed down the speed of the car
when i was driving through the hill..and it's wrong!!!
coz the car might slide down backward..haha..
but that's ok..

p/s : dont bother my english..esp my grammatical error..it sucks..huhu..

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