Friday, April 17, 2009


the result for the intake to matriculation colleges has come out today..
i checked the result(?) via sms..
early in the morning..
and guess what??
i got accepted to further my study to a matriculation college
which is in negeri sembilan...
the most i like about it is my friends nesya,,mijah,,and aisah also
got accepted to go to the matriculation college in negeri sembilan!!

but the thing is,,
i am in dilemma..
i want to go or i dont want to go??
going or not going hah??
coz,, many people say when we go to the matriculation college,,
we really have to struggle...
no!!!!!! i hate books!!!!!

dont bother my english!!
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  1. gi la wei...haha^^
    bes la mum.
    kalu mum gi gak...
    you have the companies~~
    ak?? hermm..i'm not going anyway...haha^^

  2. bakpo mum xse gi nyoh xera??
    gi la...
    pijah key ado..hahakkk..

  3. see da leg leh matrik deh...

    klu gi kat alamaknyo mu tepek ngan book 34jam ah..huhu..miki molek

  4. bukey gapo..
    meme ak xsey gi key.
    mum gak ehh..
    bia la untung k.. jimat maso ko..
    i dun care.haha^^