Monday, April 6, 2009


today i went to kotaraya..again..
i'm very happy today!!!! wahh!!!
i made it at last!!!
i didnt do any mistakes today! [i'm not sure actually] .. hahahahahaha!!!

when i did the parking,, i didnt even hit the 'tiang'..even once..
when i did the '3 penjuru' --- well,, i did it well..haha.i mean i could control the steering well..
when i did the 'bukit' thingy -- my car didnt even slide down backward..haha..

thnx pakcik coz letting me drove the perodua kancil..
easy to manage lah kancil ni..
anyway,, i used the perodua viva before..
but honestly,, i hate that perodua kancil..
huh.. i got sweat..soaking wet..the kancil was kinda old..haha..
the air-conditioner(?) was broken la...
who's the owner of the car hah??
go repair the service thing..

anyway,, i met my friend at kotaraya..xera!!!
haha.. i spent her a glass of teh ais.. [ada ka patot??]..haha..
you should have spent me la xera..u're the rich one and not me...
luckily u didnt bring ur money..
but that's ok..haha...

huh..anyway..back to the driving lesson..
tomorrow will be the last day for me
to practice driving car before wednesday..
urgghhh!!! test day!!! no!!

i dont care..who cares??
if i pass the test..alhamdulillah..
but if i fail, retest jer larhh..h0ho..

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