Thursday, April 16, 2009

what to do..

after having our lunch at the marry brown,,
syera sent us home...
she sent nesya to her house but faten n wahida to my house..
then i would have to send wahida to her house which was near to my house..

at the night,,
my dad asked me..

dad : na,, gi jupo pkcik tadi?? wi pitih ko dy??
me : wi..
me : yah,, tadi pkcik tanyo ore bowok dh ko keto..ore pn oyak dok lagi sbb ayh x arap lagi..pah dy oyak dy nk ngajar smula..
dad : dy oyk nk ngaja smula??
me : emmm...
me : gano ayh?? nk suh ore blaja smula ko?? ore xpo blako..
dad : xpo lah..blaja smula la..bljar la bleh skali dua lagi..
dad : suh pkcik wat gi jaley kat jln pasir mas..
me : ayh oyak la..
dad : bakpo nyo?? awok la oyak..telepon dy..
me : [?????]

do i have to??

but today (16/4/09)
i asked for my friends help..i mean advice..
they said..its up to me whether i wanted to learn with pakcik again..
and faten said if i felt like i couldnt drive a car,, i had to call the pkcik..
and agreed that i wanted to learn driving the car again with him..

i took time to make a decision..
coz i was afraid that i would burden pkcik to come again to my house just to teach me drivng..
and i was also afraid..coz my dad had asked me to call the pkcik...
but not to be forgotten i am a
P holder... not an L holder anymore..

then i made my mind that i would call the pkcik...
but i didnt know what to say..
faten kindly prepared a script for me about what did i have to tell the pkcik when i called him..

i tried to call pkcik..but he didnt answer me..
then faten tried to call him....
faten then chaotically gave me the phone..
at last pkcik answered the call..

i told him that i agreed to learn driving the car on the road with him..
then he said : xpo..xpo..xpo..xpo..buleh..
me : xpo ko pkcik x nyusoh ko??
pkcik : aih,, x nyusoh eh...

he'll be teaching me driving the car next week..
huh..what to do...


  1. ehhehe..sorry! I didn't reply you..
    ak macey..lost gitu..
    gilo dok mikir ko presentation etep...
    btw,like faten said, ikut hati mum la..
    but anyways,since mum tpom doh pokcik mum,ok ar. hehe^^ be good! tunjuk ko ayah mum yg mum pro doh bowok keto! ganbatte ena!

  2. makasih xera..
    tapi lmbat ag r pkcik bleh ngaja ak...
    ak oyk dh ko dy
    ak xdop kt rmh ae ahd,isnin,slasa..
    kito key nk g picnic..hehhe..

  3. Ena!Ore tag ena...sorryy~~ =D